Innovation is the driving force behind everything we do. We think it is the best way to grow and make our customers grow.

We believe in innovation, and we are convinced that we are facing major challenges, but also opportunities that we do not want to miss out on.

Digital transformation brings us new business possibilities, but above all, it improves the current levels of service, quality and speed that reverts to the benefit of our customers.

That’s why at ByR Retail Logistics we have put a lot of time into researching, developing and innovating different processes.

One of the projects that we have already implemented has to do with the application of Big Data, automation and Business Intelligence techniques in different aspects:

  • Management applications
  • SGA integration
  • Traceability
  • Real-Time Analysis (Transport Operations and Fleets)
  • AGVs in Assembly Lines
  • Loading/unloading of lorries (side AGVs)
  • Automation of warehouse operations
  • Digital control of warehouse operations
  • Logistics Dashboard (BI)
  • On-line supply control
  • Digital Poka Yoke (Safeguard operations)

Some of the benefits that can be derived from our serious commitment to innovation have a direct impact on our customers who, in turn, can offer these benefits to their customers as a competitive advantage and make them stand out from the competition.

Own technology

Our vision, focused on the continuous improvement of processes, enables us to provide customers with a whole series of IT solutions that contribute to providing competitive advantages.

With specific customisations, adapted to each project and integrated with customer applications, we get more efficient results, better cost control and greater long-term profitability.

We believe that technology and research in this field is an extra contribution of excellence to our objective in the logistics sector: fulfilling customer requirements throughout the entire supply chain with maximum security and the most efficient combination of costs, resources and stock.

The LEAN culture is part of us as a result of our work with major Asian brands specialised in this technique.

At ByR Retail Logistics, we apply its four cornerstones: a long-term ambitious proposition; respect for people to individually and collectively develop efficient teams; analysing each situation in the field and continually improving operations.

By applying its philosophy to our way of doing things, we increase productivity and generate cost savings.

We are committed to process quality, protecting the environment and sustainable development.

We seek efficiency in our logistics operations and we do so by showing our firm commitment to sustainability, which we apply to different processes.

  • Waste management and recycling
  • Purchase of biodegradable materials
  • Energy efficient measures that we apply to our warehouses and offices.
  • Efficient transportation. We promote clean transport, and through our suppliers, we comply with European emission standards.
  • Awareness of a responsible use of energy and resources that we promote internally and with our collaborators.

Awareness is key. At ByR Retail Logistics, we have published a manual of good environmental practices used by all personnel. All with the aim to continue contributing to reducing waste and recycling. All our facilities and the activity we carry out are framed within the scope of a system of integral management and conservation of the environment, certified based on the international standards established by the ISO 14001 Standard. Our quality and environmental management systems have been recognised by a leading company in the sector of ISO certifications.